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DISSA Applicator is our company’s unique invention, based on the studies

of Doctor of Medicine, Professor Mikhail V. Kutushov. 
DISSA Applicator (portable water dissymmetrator enters into a group

of multifocal dissymmetrators (or so-called “dissymmetrics”).


Our health, duration and quality of life depend on characteristics of drinking water.


DISSA Applicator is a polymer card with a metalized detector in the center and  
the predefined dissymmetry of 36, 72 and 144 DISS. DISSA Applicator sets dissymmetry to water molecules, their ensembles and clusters and so it “revives” water. 
Upon such impact the water does not only acquire exceptional dynamic properties and ordered structural characteristics, but also gets into the body with a high dissymmetry,

so the body does not have to spend available energy on the “insertion”

of water molecules into the living system of the body. 
Unlike other known methods and devices for water structuring, our DISSA applicator  impacts on water at a totally new level due to the fact that the structuring occurs throughout

the whole volume and stays unchanged  over time, and above all,

this water keeps obtained relict characteristics in the body. 
While reviving water DISSA Applicator assigns relict properties to it. It isn’t reachable with

any other recently existing device or method!

The DISSA Applicator is produced with 3 different dissymmetry coefficients:

 1.    36  DISS  
2.    72  DISS 
 3.    144  DISS

Dissymmetrators with different Dissymmetry Coefficient (DC) impact on water and a body differently and can be consumed according to the overall condition of the body,

health and age of an individual drinking dissymmetrical water.

The table of a certain age matching to the different  Dissymmetry Coefficient (DC) is placed below.
It visualizes how a DC decreases with age.


It is associated with our lifestyle, what kind of water we drink, by what we breathe, what we eat. 
Studies have confirmed that tap water all over the world has a low DC - of  2-3 DISS only, bottled water purchased in supermarkets usually has a DC of 3-4 DISS, water structured with all known alternative methods and devices  has DC of 4 DISS, water from natural sources (spring water, well-water) has DC not higher than 8-16 DISS.  According to the hypothesis of Professor Michail V. Kutushov, during the origin of life on our planet the dissymmetry coefficient of space and water was higher than 178 DISS! In the modern world, the dissymmetry coefficient

of space and water is not higher than 16 DISS!

Due to the reason all of us, adults and children, drink bottled and tap water with low DC of 2-3 DISS, it is necessary to increase the potable water dissymmetry up to the level of 36 DISS. 
Drinking dissymmetrical water continuously  improves the body’s overall condition, 
facilitates its health improvement and different diseases prevention.

Drinking dissymmetrical water can provides athletes with additional benefits.

The typical potable water which an athlete used to drink, dissymmetrized with the help of our DISSA applicator, will influence over the body as doping, despite of the fact that it is not and cannot be considered as doping.

It is clear that in the modern world with a poor ecology, by the age of 40, an individual feels that the body requires attention, support and care - health begins to deteriorate,

and it just feels lowering vitality.

It is necessary to drink dissymmetrical water with DC equal to 36 DISS

with a gradual change –over to the dissymmetrical water of the higher DC equal to 72 DISS

to help the body to overcome all these problems.

As soon as an individual becomes older he faces to the certain health problems more often.

The gradual change –over from DC equal to 36 DISS to the dissymmetrical water of the higher DC equal to 72 DISS, and later with DC equal to 144 DISS  rejuvenates the body and solve many problems related to keeping it in a good shape as well as related to the health state.

These three types of dissymmetrizetors with different dissymmetry coefficients (DC), which affect the water and the body in different ways were invented based on the body’s general condition,

health state, age.

DC should be increased gradually to avoid undesirable effects, such as insomnia or diarrhoea. The only exception is the people with serious diseases, such as oncological patients, who has to drink dissymmetrical water with a high DC equal to 144 DISS right off the reel.

The key point is to drink the dissymmetrical water on a regular basis.

What does the dissymmetrical drinking water give?

Regular intake of dissymmetrical water facilitates restoration of metabolism and all physiological functions of the body, facilitates normalization of fluid-and-electrolyte balance, metabolic processes, acceleratex biochemical reactions. 
At the same time, the body doesn’t have to spend the additional free energy to  “level” the oxidation-reduction potential or redox potential, and most importantly on the dissymmetrization of water molecules, water ensembles and clusters inside the body and the dissymmetrization of water, entered from outside!

Therefore, the dissymmetrical water facilitates the treatment and prevention of chronic and acute inflammatory, autoimmune, allergic, oncological diseases, mental disorders, and also completely normalizes the weight. All this facilitates the rapid restoration and preservation of health, longevity and rejuvenation of the body, helps to speed up REGENERATION OF TISSUES AND CELLS, and also allows to accelerate the treatment processes of many chronic diseases without using medicines and other auxiliary methods of treatment several times!

The recommended daily intake of dissymmetrical water must be in sufficient quantity (30 ml per 1 kg of weight). Considering the lifestyle of the modern person, we recommend to keep the following regime: during the first 3 months drink at least 1.5 litres per day and you need to drink in small portions throughout the day, and then during 3 months – at least 300 ml per day. In the future, we recommend to drink  dissymmetrical water continually.

It is necessary to drink dissymmetrical water to improve the health, to prevent various diseases, to restore and harmonize human bio-energy, to normalize weight and rejuvenate the body!

Application instruction.

1. Place a white sheet of paper on the table.

2. Place on this sheet the DISSA applicator with the metalized detector upwards.

3. Put a transparent glass or plastic container with bottled potable water or filtered tap water on the DISSA applicator. Water with calcium (Ca)~10-20 mg/liter fits perfectly. This information can be found on the bottled water label.  The water with such calcium concentration is the best one to be dissymmetrized. A container with portable water can be placed nearby the DISSA applicator, but not further than 15 centimeters from the applicator. The DISSA applicator is able to dissymmetrize the whole pack of potable water simultaneously.

4. The optimal time to keep a container with water on the DISSA applicator is 12-15 minutes.

5. It is recommended to drink dissymmetrical water in small portions, approximately 50 ml every half an hour. The recommended daily volume of water is 30 ml per 1 kg of weight. So, an individual with the body weight of 60 kg is recommended to drink 1.8 litres per day. The minimum intake of water is 300 ml per day.

6. Put the applicator back into the pack upon each using.

7. Keep the applicator out of high temperature and friction while its using. 
Use and store it at least 1 meter away from electrical appliances and sources of high-frequency radiation. DISSA applicator retains its dissymmetrizing properties within 3 months from its first use. Upon 3 months of use the material degradation occurs, and the dissymmetry coefficient of the applicator will decrease at an exponential rate over a brief period of time. Dissymmetrical water can retain its properties in the closed container for a long time (from 3 to 12 months!), depending on the water source and the calcium concentration.

The conducted studies have ascertained  definitely that DISSA applicator changes the following physical parameters of potable water:
- changes the pH toward alkalization, 
- reduces the redox potential,
- improves the taste (adds some sweetness  and slightly carbonates),
- changes the chemical composition and utilizes toxins,
- increases the alcoholic beverages strength and improves the taste.

DISSA Applicator is absolutely safe and non-toxic.
Drinking dissymmetrical water at recommended daily intake has no contraindications and side effects.

DISSA Applicator
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