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Dissymmetrical water and its properties.

Water has no taste, smell, and colour. It is a pronounced sensor of space dyssymmetry. All living systems on Earth and in space have the only distinguishing feature

of non-living systems - dissymmetry!

Therefore, life has exactly the same properties as water, but with its own particularities. Duration, quality of life, occurrence and course of pathology, and health

in whole depend on water (its properties).

It is quite obviously that recently water from natural springs, tap water and the water of living organisms have nothing to do with sustaining life and health. And it is not definitely in comply with the fundamentals of evolution. Anthropogenic pressure on water causes its symmetrization.

Almost worldwide water has already disturbed thermodynamic properties,

it means that modern water has a clear "shift" towards death...


Why did it happen?


For billions of years, lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and noosphere of the Earth became anisotropic that we have seen over the past decades. Everything in nature has been balanced, every species, taxon, cenosis – have  taken their place on Earth ... 

Nature, including living, has been self-organizing for billions of years, and upon origin of human on Earth, its impact on the planet before the anthropogenic era was negligible. With the growth of the population, the invention of antibiotics, polymers, and other artificial molecules, surface-active (detergent) substances, chemical weapons, nuclear tests, various emitters of fixed electromagnetic rays, transport arteries, bitterness of individuals, nature has turned into isotropic one!


Obvious changes can be observed in our environment - this is a rapid increase in the number of people with non-traditional sexual orientation, mental abnormalities, impotence diseases, all kinds of phobias, schizophrenia, growth of endocrine diseases such as diabetes etc. As well unacceptable and abrupt weather changes are no exception anymore, more and more often clouds

take on sinister shapes and outlines that can be witnessed etc.


Recently, over the past 30 years there has been a catastrophic increase of malignant neoplasms and other diseases that have not been widely spread before. Viruses and microbes also take on a peculiar "form”. People had been dying from injuries, infections and surgical pathology for centuries. Now the pathology has changed and rushes to enormous changes. Our internal environment is inextricably linked to ambient through air, food, water, etc.


Artificial molecules which are received by a living organism with water (and water has a memory), food and air wedge in the folding (folding) of proteins, resulting in isotropization and symmetrization of the internal environment of the organism. Isotropization of the habitat and the internal environment of living organisms is gathering pace ... and if no action is taken,

then in 30 years it will be too late.


That is why dissymmetrical water and dissymetrizators can stop this avalanche

process of extinction of species, taxons and cenosises.


All processes in nonlinear living substance are self-consistent with the laws of crystalline classes! In case of a long-term disruption in any of the structures of the dissymmetrical system (DNA, glucose, proteins or water), a slow, then an explosive change of the system occurs according to the type of second order phase transition. For example, these are 10 water molecules per nucleotide , with 50% water. Water is a dielectric capable of polarizing. Water in biopolymers becomes energy-saturated, ordered in the form of spirals (fractals) of crystals! Therefore, the speed and orderliness of all, without exception, reactions depend on the polarization side of these spirals!


While replacing the dissymmetrical water to symmetrical one, i.e. having artificial molecules with perverted chiralization (direction of rotation), the entire pseudo-crystal lattice of water, as well as DNA, functional and structural proteins and sugars, are mistuned. Increase of strain stress and a change in periods along the DNA and protein axes take place in DNA and proteins.

These processes are distinctive for isotropic systems. In a “pure” anisotropic system

it is possible locally and for a short period of time mistuning.


The water in the organism and the entire hydro-protein complex, vibrate in a strict self-consistent manner, which does not kill the internal dynamism of water molecules in tetragonal lattices of close-range and long-range orders. The frequency of vibrations predetermined by evolution over many billions of years does not modify its relic structure.

Moreover, the distance between the actual tetrahydrons of water themselves makes no matter for the transfer of information within the body and its preservation. However, water in a living system looks like water with boundary “layers”. Therefore, here we see the influence of dissymmetry on physiology through anisotropy, i.e. fundamental property of solids as well. Moreover, it can already be asserted that the biophysical properties of water determine acquiring free energy.


Despite of the relative boundary, living substance is fundamentally different from the inanimate one in a method obtaining, preserving and spending energy. Taking into account a fact that the terminology in the actual scientific paradigm is crafty, it is necessary to take as an axiom that the basic dynamic form of matter and space in our life is dissymmetry and numerology in order to understand how this program works. Only energy-saturated matter can turn into some form of matter and energy in living systems. The space and properties

of energy-saturated matter play a fundamental role.


Therefore, crystallography and its laws also play the main determining role in the universe and biology. In living matter, information is tuned to the formation of cluster ortho-structures (dynamic) or para-structures (stationary). In a nonlinear, non-equilibrium, open “living” system, energy and information, in the form of autowaves (solitons), are transferred using a simple depolarization mechanism, a charge wave (or symmetry wave) that passes through the material. Moreover, in the overlapping nodes of autowaves, cavitation microbubbles are formed, which generate incredible energy,

and also transmit information instantly throughout the system.


And even the slightest, but resonant influences to this system can cause dramatic changes in the entire system. Tears of joy and tears of grief are not the same thing, even from the point of view of symmetry ... Life "beats" in a small range between Н +   and ОН –  with human pH 7.34, which also fluctuates, but within the very narrow range. And this sinusoid - the determinant is managed by the dissymmetry of water and some microelements, which “go over” to either one or the other side. At pH level of 7.5  sensibility of an individual to such “bursts” decreases in the same way

as sensibility of lower representatives of living matter.


Therefore, we can consider that cancer is an initially disrupted dissymmetry of water molecules, where the pH varies at a frequency of 53-8 GHz. But most likely, low frequencies of 4–8 Hz provides more frankly stabilizing role to the hydro-protein complex of the body. Spatial dissymmetry and dissymmetry of water molecules are the strongest stabilizing and controlling factors, along with the galactic, solar and lunar periods. Now let’s imagine that the main

chemical-physical “filler” of the living matter is “broken”...


All processes occurring in a living matter are associated with dynamic changes in the density of the medium between cells, which leads to their sustainable existence. The state depends on the clusters of water, the proteins of their charge, but primarily on the side and the speed of their “spin”. To establish a dynamic "equilibrium" it is necessary to ensure the flow of energy into the cell. To achieve this result it was necessary to create the effect of dissymmetrization. Then the energy itself will fill the intracellular and intercellular space, which in turn will either weaken or

strengthen the dissymmetry, and make the cell healthy or sick.


Anisotropy of the environment improves and controls the process of dissymmetrization, and isotropic environments worsen this process. Any impact on water clusters and proteins is only possible in a certain frequency range, which is determined by the geometry of the cell and the syngony where it is located. All sorts of deviations from the desired frequency reduce the cell conductivity by an order of magnitude and, as a result, worsen the state of electromotive forces. Therefore, two zones are formed (right hand side – left hand side) in the centre of preset dissymmetry in cells or tissues.


This phenomenon looks like the absorption or ejection of molecules into "discharged" places at the physical level. This process can be “launched” by either electromagnetic exposure or dissymmetrical water, or it can be triggered by a dissymetrizator. While impacting by a dissymetrizator, the "unwinding" of standing waves to the right and to the left occurs, which also increases the energy saturation of the molecules. However, "oversaturated" molecules in the body lead to the formation of cancerous "clusters". Such clusters, as a rule, are formed in isometric systems.


Usually all right cells and tissues are located in hexagonal systems. To "return" to normal syngonies, the Doctor of Medicine prof. Michail V. Kutushov has proposed a meirdron, with its multidirectional vortex electromagnetic fields and dissymetrizators, including a dissymetrizator of potable water - applicator DISSA. It has become clear while using that outcome of applicators surpasses

the impact of electromagnetic devices.


Naturally, denatured water which has passed through water pipes and sewage treatment plants becomes slow, but a punctual killer of everything which is alive. Unfortunately, the shear rate will increase because the air we breathe falls short of physiological norms and its functions! Due to reason the incidence of lung cancer and pneumonia increases devastatingly quickly!
Water can be purified at least somehow, but by means of DISSA applicator, it can be “revived” and provided with natural, relic properties, it is much more complicated in regards to air. Reducing oxygen levels, increasing CO2 and harmful gases, a myriad of nanoparticles from tires, asphalt and industry - this is a real threat to all land and underwater dwellers of the planet!


All types of water in plastic and even glass containers are also essentially slow killers. The sharply increasing number of people suffering from cancer, allergies, autoimmune and mental diseases as well as lowering health index are all caused not only by artificial food, but what is

the most important by unstructured and denatured water!


Water from water pipes, and especially the hot one, is nothing more than the hidden killer of the external layer (aura) of an individual. Living substance is "tailored" quite durably. However, it cannot resist the "replacement" of natural water for "civilized" (technologically processed) any longer.


How long can water from sewers, morgues, sewage treatment plants, toilets, cesspools, drainage canals and fields be taped out into the world water system? How many corpses of killed and dead animals and people fall into the Earth’s water system? Dissymmetry is the basis of the living matter of water, but its surface and internal parameters are broken and, apparently, irretrievably.


The task of mankind is to preserve the remaining properties

of connate water and to recover its dissymmetry.


We have ascertained that if an individual drinks water at least with a dissymmetry coefficient of 36 DISS, it instantly “builds in” the body's water system. A young and healthy organism has a high dissymmetry coefficient, and, accordingly, high anisotropy. The old and sick organism (especially organism of patients with different cancer stages) is symmetrical and, accordingly, isotropic. That is why, when obtaining dissymmetrical water, the human body does not gain overweight, successfully fights against diseases, and the ageing process slows down noticeably. This fact is acknowledged not only by a significant improvement of life quality and blood tests of people drinking dissymmetrical water, but also a recovery from many diseases during consuming dissymmetrical water without a drug load.  The technologies of water dissymetrization, which we have invented, will be soon replenished by water with completely unique properties – water with the properties of pharmaceuticals. Water has a memory and absorbs any information, including thoughts from outside - it is an axiom.


Studies and practical results indicate that dissymmetrical water has a frank impact on plants, viruses and bacteria, animals and humans:


1) Rapid restoration of leaves colour as well as turgor of leaves and roots has been noticed when watering wilted plants with dissymmetrical water.
2) Pets always choose dissymmetrical water instead of tap water.
3) Visible suppression of pathogens and the growth of good bacteria colonies have been noticed during the treatment of pathogens and friendly bacteria colonies with dissymmetrical water.
4) Upon treating a cell culture of the hepatitis A virus with dissymmetrical water, reproduction of this type of virus is suppressed.
5) According to professional tasters dissymmetrical water has extremely tasty and tastes differently comparing to the typical potable water.
6) Decreasing severity of allergic reactions can be noted.
7) Upon regularly drinking dissymmetric water the work of the abdominal organs normalizes.

Studies and practical results
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