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How to obtain dissymmetrical water

Water has no taste, no smell and no colour. All living systems on the Earth comparing to non-living systems possess such a unique feature as dissymmetry! Therefore life has completely the same properties as water, but with some peculiarities. Duration and quality of life, emergence and course of pathologies, health, youthfulness depend on water (rather its properties).

Apparently natural water and “civilized” water (bottled or taped water) clearly have nothing to do regarding preservation of life and health. Water from open natural sources, moreover “civilized” water and water of living organisms already doesn’t correspond to evolutionary settings for a long time. Anthropogenic pressure (of human being) on water causes its symmetrization. Water already has damaged thermodynamic properties practically all over the world, so, modern water doesn’t make humans healthier, because it doesn’t possess relict life- giving qualities…

All water in water pipes, in plastic and even in glass bottles is deceptive and denatured water. Surely that living organism “shaped” resistant enough, but it no longer can withstand the “substitution” of natural water for “civilized” one!

Huge number of water samples from all over the world has been examined in order to determine the water dissymmetry coefficient. There is no doubt that all water in water pipes all over the world is symmetrical (non-living). At any place of the Earth the dissymmetry coefficient of water in water pipes or bottles does not exceed 3 DISS! Intracellular and intercellular water in all living organisms is within the range from 32 to 178 DISS.

The human body spends huge amount of energy for dissymmetrization of water obtained as a result of biochemical reactions as well as consumed potable water. Therefore consuming dissymmetrical water considerably simplifies biochemical and physiology reactions and increases

the anisotropy of human body.

Water in bottles and storage containers has low dissymmetry or does not have it at all! It may be spring, from alpine glaciers or from deep artesian boreholes, but after bottling, though into the bottle made of glass or even of blue glass, it quickly wastes not only its redox potential (ORP) and pH, but what is more important (!!!) its dissymmetry.

It was determined that spring water and water from Icelandic glaciers possess the highest dissymmetry. Dissymmetry coefficient of this water is from 8 to 16 DISS. But even such water being in closed container for a week or two almost completely loses its dissymmetry. However, we can already confirm that water prepared with help of DISSA applicator retains

its properties at least within 2-3 months!


One more unique feature of dissymmetrical water has been discovered. It puts out of sight harmful substances in its “cavities”, and redox potential, pH level and organoleptic properties of water become much more favorable and match connate water. For the purpose of preparation of dissymmetrical water can be used regular drinking water. Taking into account that physical and chemical characteristics of water before dissymmetrization are of no importance!  We have managed to increase dissymmetry of tap water up to unprecedented dissymmetry coefficient of 144 DISS. The term of “Dissymmetrical” (dissymmetrized) water and technology of its preparing put forward based on the author’s theory on living systems conservation law by professor Mikhail V. Kutushov. Till nowadays term and properties of dissymmetrical water have not been known

either to researchers or to water producers.

It is better to use for dissymmetrization potable water with calcium content (Ca ++) not exceeding 10-20 mg / liter. This information can be found on the label of bottled water. At this concentration water is dissymmetrized the best way. If an individual drinks dissymmetrical water, then it instantly “inweaves” into the water system of the body. A young and healthy organism possesses a high coefficient of dissymmetry and high anisotropy. The old and diseased organism (especially oncologic patients) possess symmetry and isotropy to varying degrees. Actually due to this very reason, consuming dissymmetrical water an individual strengthens his health, his body rejuvenates

and his weight returns to the normal one.

Technology of dissymmetrical water preparing

Technology assignment is to produce and consume dissymmetrical water:

a) to manage processes occurring with participation of atomic-molecular, subatomic and supramolecular structures of organic substances, having the resonance response of self-oscillations.

b) to provide different materials with ability to perceive and reproduce necessary excitations, self-consistent oscillations and submolecular structures of the substance we use “spatial factor” which contributes to get dissymmetrical structure of the water and other substances. Such effect can be reached by means of dissymmetrizator-transformer. Judging by the water reaction and by changing its fundamental properties (pH level, optical density etc.) it is affected by multimode information signal, which reproduces and intensifies amplitude-frequency qualities of free oscillations of substances. The dissymmetrizator modifies changes polarization direction (rotation) of water patterns (groups and assemblies) most likely by means of space geometry (distortion). Moreover dissymmetry fastening occurs in spatial structure (grids of short and long range order) of the substances. Transformers-dissymmetrizators with fixed multifocal polarization converter are used in order to perceive, strengthening and emanation of “spatial dissymmetrizing factor”.

Transferring of “spatial factor” is carried out indirectly through the contact with carrier material of secondary “dissymmetrical mediators”, hereinafter referred to as transmitter.

This technology is implemented on the certain technological infrastructure with usage of special methodological support.

The technology developer and its author is Professor Mikhail V. Kutushov.

How to obtain dissymmetrical water
Technology of dissymmetrical water preparing
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