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DISATRON is our new device which works based on the principle of the De Broglie's Waves generator (dissymmetrizator) or space waves generator.

Despite the tremendous achievements of recent years, modern medical diagnostics has one disadvantage. The cause of the disease (the root of all evil) is looked for as a specific problematic organ. Meanwhile, all human organs and systems are interconnected by a single information network, the dispatcher of which (EPIPHYSIS) is located in the focal plane of the cerebras. Modern diagnostics based on the human anatomy and physiology often lead to erroneous conclusions.

The operating principle of DISATRON might be difficult to consider for the majority of people unfamiliar with this topic, but actually it is based on modern comprehensive knowledge and longstanding research of the dissymmetry of space.

According to the theory of Professor Mikhail V. Kutushov each physical body has an “adapter” to the geometry of space, i.e. any solid physical body (including a living one) has a “field” for transition to the geometric world ... The proofs of the existence of such an "agent" are such phenomena inherent in living matter as fractality, the golden ratio, crystallography, platonic solids, aura, etc. The entire substance including fields emanates from space and "go" to the same place... Based on the “density” scale as against vacuum, it can be classified in a descending order as follows: crystals (minerals), liquids, gases, plasma, De Broglie waves, electromagnetic fields...

Real substances are “compiled” of quanta and waves... Newton has argued that objects always have clearly defined positions and properties, and these laws work for any scale! However, quantum physics claims that particles change their properties to wave ones in the presence of an observer - consciousness. The multiple states are possible as soon as the collapse of substance and wave function occurs, but the multiple states collapse into one result, i.e. they become an object or a field. However, then the question arises - if reality consists of atoms and micro particles, then how quantum "probabilities" become the real world? Physicists designate this conversion back and forth as decoherence...

Reality is when only one “trajectory” remains imprinted in space and which one we fix with instruments and consciousness i.e. that is a "trajectory" which carries information about the environment.

Most likely, that De Broglie waves are that “supporting” structure in the quantum-mechanical “continuum”, and carry all the information about the “trajectory” of this object.

This information is used, for example, for diagnostics in METSYS device (mini express test system). The same properties of substance and space (polarization) are used to fix the quantum state of matter in an object and devices.

Based on the aforesaid it can be argued that living substance has co-opted all of the mentioned above.

Therefore, the functioning and the laws of indestructibility of living matter are simultaneously subordinated to quantum mechanics, geometry and, in fact, to substance. So, the space inside the living organism, the outer edge and the outer space surrounding it have a common "trajectory" ... The name of this phenomenon is dissymmetry! That is it, and it only allows us to see with own eyes its genetic connection between geometry and substance represented by living substance. Living substance clearly shows the structure and essence of the universe ...

Therefore, there is a "mediator" between the dissymmetry of the outer (cosmic) space and the dissymmetry of the inner (organism) space! Most likely this role is performed by the same De Broglie waves. The fact that life engendered on Earth at the moment when the dissymmetry of environment was 178-180 DISS is evidenced that newborns have just such a dissymmetry coefficient. The elderly has this coefficient decreased up to 8-16 DISS, which in fact is almost symmetry or, in other words, isotropy. Water is this very substance sensitive to the dissymmetry of space, and only it reflects the state of environmental dissymmetry around the Earth ...

Almost all the water on the planet has a dissymmetry coefficient of 2-3 DISS. The highest dissymmetry coefficient of 8 DISS has spring water and the water from glaciers in Iceland, which has the dissymmetry coefficient of 16 DISS. The conclusion suggests itself.

Isotropization (chaotization) of the atmosphere, hydrosphere, and the lithosphere, by all appearances, occurs. That is why the sharp change in the weather, the growth of cancer pathology, phobias, etc. take place. The dissymmetry of environment has decreased from 178-180 DISS to 2-8 DISS during 4, 5 billion years, which clearly points at approaching complete isotropization of living substance on Earth ...

Based on the theory and as a result of the research we have succeeded to find a way to detect and fix the trajectory and dissymmetry. De Broglie waves came to help us. Apparently, it was they which allowed to discover the ability of some materials to detect, to fix and to generate a particular dissymmetry coefficient. The measuring instruments (dissymmetrometers), transfer devices on carriers (translocators), and devices for influencing environment and substance (dissymmetrizator) exist for this purpose. Some types of minerals (stones), polymers, and metals can serve as dissymmetrizators. Dissymmetrizators generate De Broglie waves with appropriate properties which can restore homeostasis (self-regulation) and facilitate the treatment of many diseases.


So, Wikipedia provides insight into the substance of De Broglie waves as probability waves or probability amplitude waves which determine the density of probability to disclose an object at a targeted point of the configuration space. According to accepted terminology, it is said that De Broglie waves are connected to any particles and reflect their wave nature. The idea on waves which are connected not only to quanta of light, but also to massive particles, was proposed by Louis de Broglie in 1923-1924, and it is called De Broglie hypothesis. Although the interpretation of the regular tetragon of the wave amplitude as the absolute value as the probability density in the configuration space belongs to Max Bourne, but traditionally and as a recognition of the French physicist merits they are called as De Broglie waves.

The idea of De Broglie waves is helpful for rough conclusions about the scale of manifestation of the wave properties of particles, but it does not reflect all physical reality and so it does not underlie the mathematical apparatus of quantum mechanics. Instead of De Broglie waves this role in quantum mechanics is played by the wave function and in quantum field theory this role is played by field operators. De Broglie waves have a specific nature which  has no analogy among the waves studied in classical physics: the square of the absolute value of De Broglie wave amplitude at a targeted point is a measure of probability that a particle is detected at this point.

The diffraction patterns which are observed while experiments appear the statistical regularity manifestation  according to which particles get into certain places of the receivers, where De Broglie wave intensity is the greatest. Particles cannot be discovered in the places where according to the statistical interpretation the squared absolute value of the “probability wave” amplitude  becomes zero. Wave properties do not appear at macroscopic bodies. De Broglie waves  length for such bodies are so small that the detection of wave properties happens impossible.

But it is in the classic physics. And in the new scientific paradigm they are not only discovered, but also fixed on carriers and affect physical bodies including living ones. It is also most likely that these waves along with the mechanical properties of water and proteins cause an autowave process (solitons), which goes from the periphery to the center of the body. Autowaves are, in fact, the drivers of mitosis, the potassium-sodium “pump” - the pendulum-like movement of substances into the cell and metabolites outside. The quality of functioning of the HPC (hydro-protein complex) depends on the presence and quantity of water and proteins (left-polarized) at a given point at a given time ...

What kind of effect do these “space waves” have on any water and organism as a whole, which consists of 80% of water and 16% of protein (hydro-protein complex – HPC)? There is no secret that as a rule the young body does not get sick. It depends only on the high dissymmetry coefficient (high anisotropy) of the young body. That is why by restoring dissymmetry it is possible not to grow old and to get sick as well as to be cured of many diseases without medication and physiotherapy...

By increasing dissymmetry, brain functions (Consciousness) are automatically restored, and meditative practices accelerate this process. Consuming dissymmetrical water, which has been prepared using our DISSA applicators, and the use of DISATRON spatial generator can not only rejuvenate, but also spontaneously cure many aliments! Depending on the age and state of health, our devices affect each human body differently but basically in the same way. So what do dissymmetrizators do?

1) They restore the anisotropy of the HPC (hydro-protein complex) and increase its dissymmetry! As well depending on the status (health index) and age they restore homeostasis and metabolism in the best way possible;


2) They restore damaged fractals (fractal diagnostics).

Based on the author’s theory of dissymmetry by Professor Mikhail V. Kutushov, the theory of fractal automatic control systems (ACS - antenna-transmitting systems of the human body) as well as knowledge of oriental medicine a synergistic diagnosis of a person was proposed by the group of scientists.

In the synergistic diagnostic method instead of the traditional inductive method the deduction is used. The essence of the author’s method is to measure the summarized index of homeostasis - the hydro-protein complex (HPC) which represents a suspension consisting of 16% of proteins and 80% of water. As first approximation, a person’s state of health is measured by a generalized indicator of homeostasis [6,11], that is, by the integrated indicator of HPC dissymmetry:




The arguments of the real function X are the properties of the body’s fluids, their local dissymmetry indices x[j], which can vary within the limits from -1 to 1.

As you know the most important body fluids are water, blood, urine and cerebrospinal fluid. According to the author’s cybernetic model local indices of dissymmetry of individual human organs x[j] turn out to be derivatives of the integral indicator of homeostasis. The principal focus among all liquids is on cerebrospinal fluid. It can be shown that cerebrospinal fluid together with the EPIPHYSIS make up the antenna-transmitting system of the human body (ACS), which works simultaneously in reception and transmission modes for incoming and outgoing information.

We would like to add that the living "antenna" of ACS operates at the interaction of 2 waves of electric charge density, 2 mirror featuring particles, which moving towards each other form stationary vortices of information potential distributed along the human vertebral column.

In the terminology of Tibetan medicine, the fixed points of the vortex (torsion) fields of a person are called as CHAKRAs. Meditation on CHAKRAs has been considered for a long time as one of the perspective methods of healing from ailments. The authors have already being prepared next work on fractal diagnostics based on the connection of local information potentials with CHAKRAs. Due to the reason that each CHAKRA has its own resonant frequency, the pulse rate and the respiratory rate of a person should be included in the list of additional (not yet mandatory) ACS parameters.

However, in the recent diagnostics additional parameters are not taken into account. (PH) of the cerebrospinal fluid, blood, saliva, urine and water are considered as the basic health parameters which determine the differential indicators of the dissymmetry of human body organs.

The relevance of the diagnosis implemetes taking into account the impact of the dissymmetry index of drinking water (ξ) and its REDOX potential Y (ξ) on the local dissymmetry characteristics of other human body fluids. In the author’s theory of Professor Mikhail V. Kutushov the local indicators of the dissymmetry of HPC fluids are associated with their visual images, called fractals. Examples of fractals of the EPIPHYSIS pineal gland (cerebrospinal fluid) are pictured in Fig. 3, 4.

According to the shape of the fractal pattern and the magnitude of the local indicator of dissymmetry, the diagnostic operator makes a conclusion about the state of the organ or system of organs.

There are two types of fractals - anatomical and frequency ones. Anatomical fractals (AF), known to most doctors, represent a fragmented organization of all the anatomical organs of the physical body. Frequency fractals existing in the so-called “parallel measurement” provide information on the functional state of each organ, allowing for diagnosis and treatment. In a flat projection, the fractal has the shape of a vortex. For the diagnostic operator, two factors are important - the direction of rotation of the vortex and the configuration of the fractal pattern.

The author diagnostics method consists of measuring the redox-potential (and pH) of each liquid of a healthy person and the subsequent evaluation of the measure of deviation of the measured parameters from predetermined norm. The obtained information of a medical nature makes possible to automate the process of decoding fractal images and making a diagnosis of a human disease. Diseases which are usually have a systemic nature.



Fig. 1.

Chakras and Endocrine System:

Crown chakra

Pinus (Epiphysis)

Third Eye Chakra


Throat Chakra

Pineal organ and parathyroid gland 

Heart Chakra

Thymus gland (thymus)

Solar Plexus Chakra

Pancreas gland/ suprarenal capsule

Milt Chakra

Milt/ Liver

Sacral Chakra

Reproductive glands

Root Chakra

Suprarenal capsule


Picture 2 shows the dependences of the dissymmetry indices of water, cerebrospinal fluid, and urine based on the DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSTICS of the REDOX potentials of each of 3 fluids.



The red line corresponds to the dissymmetry index of water, the green line corresponds to the dissymmetry of the cerebrospinal fluid, the brown curve corresponds to the urinary dissymmetry index.

Comments: In the LAGRANGE coordinate system moving in phase with a constant value of the REDOX potential Y = -100 mV, the dissymmetry of urine is close to zero. Moreover, the dissymmetry index of water is 0.5, and the cerebrospinal fluid dissymmetry index is close to its optimal value: X [1] = 0.73. The fractal image of the cerebrospinal fluid is pictured in Fig. 3.


Figure 3. Fractal portrait of the Base CHAKRA (EPIPHYSIS) of a healthy person:
X [1] = 0.73, Xo = 0.42

As it appears from the EMPIRICAL formula (1) given in a separate appendix, the shape of the fractal image of each CHAKRA will be largely determined by the dissymmetry of drinking water Xo. As it can be seen from Figures 4 (and 3), the increase in Xo by 3% qualitatively changes the shape of the fractal pattern.



Fig. 4. Modified fractal of the Base CHAKRA, X [1] = 0.75

As it appears from the EMPIRICAL formula (1) given in a separate appendix, the shape of the fractal image of each CHAKRA will be largely determined by the dissymmetry of drinking water Xo. As it can be seen from Figures 4 (and 3), the increase in Xo by 3% qualitatively changes the shape of the fractal pattern.


Therefore, we use our ideas about the structure of the human body based on a new scientific paradigm, where the geometry of space and a physical living body can be displayed on a computer screen in the form of geometric figures, reflecting its health and disease states with an unbiased eye. Under the influence of dissymmetrizators represented by our DISATRON generator and DISSA applicators we observe a restoration of the fractal illustration of the human body.

Prof. Mikhail V. Kutushov


What kind of effect do these “space waves”
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