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The device DISATRON is a space dissymmetrizator which is working based on the principle of the de Broglie's Waves generator. At the same time it serves for dissymmetrization of drinking water.


DISATRON generates de Broglie's Waves with the appropriate characteristics which are able to restore homeostasis (self-regulation) and which facilitates the treatment of many diseases.

DISATRON restores the anisotropy of HPA (hydro-protein complex) and increases its dissymmetry! As well depending on the state (health index) and age, homeostasis and metabolism are restored in the best way possible.

DISATRON helps to restore all physiological functions of the body, normalizes the water-salt balance, metabolic processes, the speed of biochemical reactions, regeneration and rejuvenation of the body as a whole. 

DISATRON helps to clean the space for a human being from negative vibrations (geopathogenic zones), neutralizes electromagnetic vibrations (electrosmog) and harmonizes the space for human life both at home and at the workplace.

DISATRON repairs damaged fractals! It impacts on the points of the vortex (torsion) fields of a human being called as Chakras. The shape of the fractal illustration of Chakras is significantly determined by the dissymmetry. 

A fractal illustration of the Base Chakra (EPIPHYSIS) of a healthy person is in the first Figure 


Figure 1.

A fractal illustration of the Base Chakra (EPIPHYSIS) of a person providing for qualitative changes (improvements) in the shape of the fractal pattern in consequence of comsuming dissymmetrical drinking water  is in the second Figure.


Figure 2.

On explousure of DISATRON and DISSA applicators, we witness the restoration of the fractal illustration of the body!

How to use the device.

DISATRON operates on indoors area of 20 m2. It has a predefined dissymmetry coefficient (DC) of 144 DISS and at the same time can dissymmetrize potable lukewarm water. To do this, a container with water can be placed on the device or near it, but no far than 90 cm from the device. In 12-15 minutes you will have your own high-quality dissymmetrical high-energy (“living”) structured drinking water!

Gentle impact of DISATRON on the body.

Depending on various factors DISATRON gently and on an individual basis impacts human body. The first sensations upon turning DISATRON on depend on the individual sensitivity and susceptibility of the body. In the beginning many consumers do not feel the impact of the device.

However, “sensitive” people will immediately notice the DISATRON effect

after it has been turned on.

A tangible positive impact on human health depends primarily on the state of health, the severity and the nature of the disease.

If the health problems are acute, the improvement occurs earlier than in chronicity under which visible improvements can occur in a few months.

Despite it we are not aware of cases when a positive healing effect would not have appeared!

As well the result of the DISATRON impact depends on the degree of contamination of the body, on discipline and a healthy lifestyle. If you would like to accelerate the impact of DISATRON, than your health should be treated with responsibility.

How the DISATRON effect appears

In the early days of DISATRON functioning the influence of geopathogenic zones is blocked and the electrosmog is neutralized step by step. And you can feel the change in the atmosphere,

as if the air has cleared, you can feel to be a little relaxed.

Within the first 3 months you would be able to notice that the body is cleansing gradually (the body is detoxifying). There is also a noticeable improvement of metabolism, strengthening the immune system and a visible increase of the energy of the body.

It happens quite gently and has a long-lasting effect.

Step by step the sleep regimen begins to normalize, the sleep will become deeper,

and when you wake up you will feel rested and awake.

After 3 months the majority of the users without serious health problems

should have their bio-energy field cleaned.

Almost all users will feel a surge of vitality and energy.

After 6 months the improvement of the status of the health

appears in more serious problems of the body.

Long-continued use of the DISATRON device will contribute to the regeneration of the body,

its healing and rejuvenation.


DISATRON does not substitute the medical care! In case of diseases, the manufacturer recommends to combine the use of the device with the treatment with a doctor, and do not forget about the doctors’ supervision and controlas as well.

The device DISATRON
How to use thedevice
Gentle impact of DISATRON on the body
How the DISATRON effect appears
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