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Chemical water analysis proving DISSA applicator’s useful effect.

In order to illustrate DISSA applicator’s impact on water laboratory studies of three samples of potable water chemical composition were carried out. Ordinary potable water from urban water supply system has been dissymmetrized. The results of this study are specified in the table below. 

There are the parameters of bottled water for newborns In the 1st column. This bottled water is sold at any supermarket chain.

There are water characteristics from urban water supply system in the 2nd column.
There are the characteristics of the same ordinary potable water from urban water supply upon DISSA applicator’s impact in the 3rd column.

The research data presented in the table clearly demonstrate great changes in chemical composition of ordinary potable water from urban water supply system upon DISSA applicator impact.

In this particular case we do not study the influence of dissymmetry on informational and other types of water purification.

Chemical water analysis dated on 13th of January, 2016

Nitrites – usually can be found in the water with lack of oxygen, as a nitrates recovery process output. This chemical reaction can be significantly accelerated by the presence of zinc, copper or iron. These are the metals used in production of water pipes or pumps. From this point of view, it is very important to pour off sufficient volume of water before using or sampling. From this point of view, it is important that a sufficient amount of water is always properly drained before using it or before taking a sample. Nitrite can be hazardous to health. The danger is that in the digestive tract nitrites can be transformed into so-called nitrosamines and alimentary methemoglobinemia, which are suspected of causing cancerous growth.

            - determine the water quality, cannot be processed.

Nitrates – nitrates in small quantities presented almost everywhere on the Earth. Unfortunately, nowadays nitrates become a serious threat for all wells and boreholes because of nitrates usage in fertilization, waste water outflow from cesspools and digestion tanks, dungs etc. Nitrates are indirectly toxic, because in an intestinal tract under the effect of bacterial activity they reduce into nitrites, which cause alimentary methemoglobinemia. This disease is particularly virulent for nursing infants.

- determines the quality of water, cannot be filed down. The maximum permitted value for baby water totals 10 mg/l.

Ammonium ions – are the indicators of potential water fecal contamination. Their excessive number together with nitrite sand with chemical oxygen demand may indicate fresh fecal contamination. The water must be disinfected, and then the new analysis should be conducted.

Chemical oxygen demand (COD) – the value of CODMl indicates the presence of organic substances in water. Organic water pollution may have natural origin (for instance, from forests, peat-bogs as well as from animal or plant decomposition directly in the well) or artificial origin (for example, human activities – fertilization etc.). The second type is rather worse taking into account that toxic elements (e.g. pesticides, fertilizers) can get into the water.

Upon exceeding this parameter the well or borehole must be cleaned, then disinfected and a new sample for analysis has to be taken.

Hydrogen ion concentration (pH factor) – does not define the water quality, it only affects the corrosion properties of pipelines; it does not affect the quality of water, it should be not less than 5 pH. 

Conductibility – indicates salts amount contained in water, than less salts than it is better.  It is of no importance.

Iron – may be removed by boiling, small increase of iron rate can be visually noticed (beware of corrosion), but does not significantly affect the quality of water. It is not significant from the point of view of the impact on health, it only deteriorates water taste and smell. 
At higher concentration it may cause problems while laundry (yellow spots). Upon noticeable deterioration of the water it cannot be used, and it also has bad sensory analysis. 

Influence of dissymmetry at aqueous solution "Jodis-concentrate".

I express my deep appreciation for your scientific innovation and non-standard solution of the problem.

We have received two bottles (0.5 l.)  of «Iodis-concentrate» for research from Prague. One bottle is for control purpose, another – for experimental (with assigned dissymmetry). The research was carried out on field mustard seeds on 21st of August, 2014.

According to the experience with optimized concentration biologically active iodine («Iodis»), the seeds (per 50 pieces) have been steeped in two types of water spray material for two minutes with subsequent transplanting into the boxes with equal ground. These boxes have been located in two meters from one another at the same optimal conditions.

The experiment results

 Seedlings in the box with usage of dissymmetry water spray material (further - experimental box) appeared on the 3rd day; in the box with usage of control water spray material (further – control box) – seedlings appeared on the 4th day.

 On the 7th day occurred the domination of plants from experimental box approximately on 20%.

Conclusions (of simple and convincing research)

   The influence of dissymmetry action on «Iodis-concentrate» water material spray during the standard seedbed preparation increases growing capacity and fastens vegetation phases of plants development.

   The upper mentioned influence, eventually, contribute to positive productivity and quality of final product.

   The experiment on grains of the wheat found out no difference in beginning development of plants, so, we continue our work.

   I've briefly described our experiment, because it's got the preliminary basis. Now, I'd like to characterize the impact mechanism.

   «Iodis-concentrate» - it is a water based associate, where water molecules connected with polyatomic iodine ions (mostly predominate I+3 и I+5 ) with a strong oxygen linking. In simplified form it looks like this scheme (water molecule has got four poles):


In such system arise polarization of water molecules, which get the similar pole (positive). To my mind, dissymmetry impact intensifies this effect. And it's quite important. For example, in plant kingdom, fibril's cell membranes (playing the main role in plants ground nutrition) are negatively charged. Traditional iodine compound in ground – iodides (I-) and iodates (IО-3) – push off from cell membrane.

It's necessary to use «intermediary» – additional chemical reactions and optimal conditions in order to get the surface of cell membrane. There is no need in such circumstances for iodine in the form of «Iodis» - I+n, because the research results proved its effectiveness at least on 30%. It's only direct effect, moreover, there are another positive repercussions. From my point of view, experimentally proved that dissymmetry impact on «Iodis-concentrate» intensifies polarization of water based associate «water  I+n ».

The official medicine confirmed, that 2/3 of human immune system depends on iodine supply (in appropriate optimum form). According to statistics, diabetes, oncological diseases and many other ones are iodine deficient.

We've hold very interesting studies together with State Research and Development Institute of Laboratory Diagnostics and Veterinary Expertise (Ukraine, Kiev). This collaborative work shown, that «Iodis-concentrate» water spray material with pH level 7÷12, redox potential -150÷-650 mv and iodine content 10÷40 mg/dm3 made with usage of cathodic water (upon its dissymmetization) possesses active ability to destruct viruses and highly dangerous microorganisms. It is an example of multiple application of biologically active iodine («Iodis») and dissymmetrical effect on water spray material.

I suppose, it's necessary to apply this complex directly on cancer cell culture. The first thing is to study its direct influence and then to inject to the patient's carcinoma.

I've no possibilities to carry out such a research, but I'm ready to contribute to its realization and to be involved directly in it.

It is possible and it is necessary to arrange simple and reliable program of preliminary joint studies for the purpose of perspective collaboration.

P.S: AIDS is cured with iodine – «Armenikum» drug with a iodine as the main active substance. It is pushed IV. This is just for information.

Best regards, 

Vasiliy Melnichenko - IODIS LLC


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