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Living matter in terms of new scientific paradigm

Living matter

Living matter in terms of new scientific paradigm

Nowadays in the world causes of ageing progress and diseases on nuclear, organelles levels and disorders of biochemical reactions are intensively searched. Still there is no definition of value of the phenomenon of Life.  Cognitive process of living matter is predominantly considered from the point of view of molecular biology and genetics. Other phenomena connected to this phenomenon are not taken into account and touched upon only indirectly. Besides molecules and atoms, which compose the material body, there is another, spatial structural model of living matter. These structures are noted in the atlases of Tibetan medicine and Ayurveda. According to the theory of M.D., professor Mikhail V. Kutushov, the disorders of biophysical mechanisms connected with ionic and micro-elemental composition, spatial structure of water and protein folding play a key role in the “pathogenesis” of ageing progress and diseases.


The principal substances of a living organism are only four elements and these are
H (hydrogen), O (oxygen), C (carbon) and N (nitrogen). Water and organic molecules (proteins, carbohydrates and fats) are composed by these elements. Potassium, Sodium and Calcium are basic elements, without them functioning of cells and organs would be difficult or impossible. The organism of young and healthy individual for 80 % is made up of water and for 16 % of proteins – hydro-protein complex (HPC). With age water is “disappearing” and that’s why at the age of 85-95 years the organism contains only 60-55 % of water. Human body is basically a liquid crystal, which is functioning according to the laws of crystallographic classes and being a determinant of all biochemical reactions. HPC exists in compliance with its own rules, but in community with genetics, proteinomics and biochemistry. In HPC proteins are constantly transferring the following phases: suspension, gel, sol, allotropic form and solid crystalline form. In healthy HPC all chemical elements possess strictly spatial order, quantitative and qualitative balance. In case of shortage of some elements, HPC compensates them by transmutation of “relative” elements and synthesis. Vice versa in case of excess of these elements, they are fragmented or accumulated. That is possible only if we accept as an axiom the fact that a living organism
is basically

a thermonuclear, plasma-chemical reactor.


Origin, storage and transferring of information within living systems happen not only due to electromagnetic waves and chemical (signal) molecules, but also due to non-cause (spatial) phenomena. Information transferring in HPC passes immediately, and that due to super-conductivity, which emerges in a millionth of a second through the grid of closer or farther order of proteins and molecules of water (in allotropic phase). It is not excluded that “non-cause” source of transferring of information in the space are de Broglie waves. These phenomena are possible only due to the existence of autowave process. All processes of organism and cells are subordinated to the search for free energy. All biochemical reactions begin and end in emergence of water molecules. Besides obtaining energy via biochemical reactions, another source of free energy is autowaves (solitons), moving from the periphery of the organism (cells) to the centre. They create themselves and move “K/Na proton pump” and mitosis. All cells, tissues and organs vibrate with their own frequency. Autowave process of HPC determines, harmonizes and synchronizes all fluctuations. With the highest probability solitons emerge as a result of phase transfers of proteins and molecules. Efficiency in obtaining energy, quality of biochemical reactions, mitosis, phase transfers of proteins depend on the “transparency” of anisotropy of HPC. Penetrating through anisotropic crystal, autowaves carry the “charging” wave fast and without delay.


Passing through isotropic (ill, old or tired) environment, they disperse. Basic property of crystals is anisotropy, and this is a dissymmetry in living structures. During chronic accumulation of “waste” from every reaction (denaturized proteins, insufficiently oxidized products of fats splitting, free radicals etc.) anisotropy of environment is lost, which radically changes many parameters: electrical conductibility, thermal capacity, electromagnetic, mechanical and optical qualities. That is basically what we can see in aging, while diseases and particularly in case of cancer. Dissymmetry is the coexistence of clockwise and counterclockwise polarized molecules, supramolecular structures, cells and tissues up to the outer edge. It is known that all functional proteins are represented by L-proteins (showing double negative refraction), structural proteins by D-proteins (very few normally). DNA and D-proteins obtain double positive refraction. Water molecules and clusters also have the tendency to polarize “radiation” counterclockwise and clockwise. On the other hand, clockwise and counterclockwise rotation of water molecules, organic molecules, is given probably by ions of Calcium and Iodine. Young and healthy cells and organisms have

high anisotropy and high dissymmetry coefficient.


Anisotropy, the blood plasma of young healthy people


Isotropy, the blood plasma of cancer patients


Isotropy, the blood plasma of old people


During the life process, HPC is regularly “polluted” by molecules of various origins, which leads to decrease of anisotropy due to the occurrence of large quantity of “chimerical” and clockwise polarized molecules! The quality and functional condition of cells and organism vastly depends on pH level, intracellular water ratio of H+ and OH-, extracellular space and on the level of dissymmetry of proteins and water molecules. These parameters are also reflected on the overall HPC dissymmetry and its anisotropy. “Golden dissymmetry” is in the ratio of 1.65... Calcium ions play a role not only of the main regulator of biochemical processes, but also the role of a “dissymmetrizator” and amplifier of rheological properties of water. During long-term and continuous consuming of water with high Ca content (10-20 mg/l, and J: 40 mg/dm3 (with positive charge)), dissymmetry and anisotropy remain within physiological norms. If calcium content is above 20 mg/l Ca and J content is low the process of water and protein molecule dissymmetrization gets broken, which leads to chronic loss of anisotropy in cells and tissues. Besides own cells and structures, inside and on the outer edge of external layer of multi-cell organisms there is also the so-called microbiota. The courses of health and diseases processes depend on macrobiotics quality and quantity. We have composed symbiotes of bacteria which are able not only to renew microbiota, but also influent on the rejuvenation process.


The nature and its global “secrets” must be seen at great distances, it hides nothing from us. For example, why do breeding methods suitable in any climatic conditions change all of a sudden? What is better laying eggs outside or development of these eggs inside the body? There are three types of cell division: mitosis, amitosis and meiosis. Mitosis is characteristic for somatic cells (body cells) of all eukaryotes (plants and animals), it is the universal type of division. Meiosis is taking place during the creation of gametal cells of animals and spores in plants.


Amitosis is a direct cell division, which is not connected to phases transferring, it is accompanied by constriction of nucleus, often without cytoplasm division (it is more peculiar for embryonic membrane cells of animals or endosperm of plants seeds). Some cells are divided often, continuously, for example epithelium cells, bone marrow cells, periosteum of animals and humans, cambial cells and growing points of plants. Other cells that once emerged are not divided anymore and live as long as the entire organ, e.g. cells of the nervous system, muscles of animals, cells of tissue, wood, storage tissue of plant. The higher the specialization (differentiation) of cells is,

the lower is their ability to split.


The higher is the level of differentiation of species, the lower is its corresponding biomass. Such distribution into number of species and their biomasses has been set during the evolution. Fauna is more diverse and it exceeds plant species 4 times, however the share of vertebrae and mammals is less than 4 %, so plants are predominated on land, while animals - in water. That is why the variation of species on land, conditioned by evolution processes, is higher than in water, and the higher the differentiation is, the lower is the volume taken by specific species. Three consistent conclusions emerge from this: there can’t be many humans on the Earth, as the most differentiated type, the water matrix playing the main role in the pathogenesis of cancerous and somatic diseases, and cancer tissue is the way to protect highly differentiated life via increasing

the volume of low-differentiated copies.

That helps us to understand the cancerous process as a retro-evolution of its worse kind and also manner of treatment of cancerous growth of tissues. Birth, growth and ageing of living organisms are an uncompromising process of evolution, created for the purpose of development and diversity of live matter, and this process is basically irreversible. However the knowledge of general regularities may maximally help to prolong a healthy life of each individual and save

the life on the Earth in all of its aspects.

Cogitatively or thinking processes (information) play an extremely important role in human vital activity. It is still a secret, how human thinking influences on the speed of metabolism and mitosis. General conclusion of the relation between the brain and the body as well as with outer consciousness is basically an axiom that does not require proofs. According to all parameters of “life” the basic material for the emergence of life is water.

All living organism on the Earth consist of four elements O, H, N and C. All of them located on the “border” of N. Bohr’s chart. This “island of stability” or, “island of Life” as I it was called by M.D., professor Mikhail V. Kutushov, is represented by atoms belonging to various crystalline classes! No more such “gatherings” of syngonies can be found even in the table of chemical elements, which indicates only one thing that life in the universe is a predictable natural process connected to numerology, dissymmetry and crystallographic laws.

Image 1. “Ladder” chart of chemical elements of Niels Bohr “combined” with crystallographic syngonies (aut.).

Organic Life is “pulsating” between H+ and OH--, i.e. between oxidation and reduction, which in chemistry means the giving up or removal of electrons. As one can see, water H2O consists of “surrounding” elements of this chart, which have completely opposite properties. On this example we see not only the chemical, but also spatial dualism of elements.

For the first time dissymmetry in a living organism was discovered by Antoine Bechamp and his disciple Louis Pasteur. They have determined empirically that dextral (right-handed) organisms, which structure mostly composed of dextral molecules and cells, live on Earth. This is the basic law of biology, which was unfortunately neglected. Crystallography is not also among favourites in biological laboratories, and it is for no reason! Particularly it is the basis of organic life on the Earth! More over these researchers found out that there can’t be equal quantity of left-handed and right-handed forms of molecules in one biological substance. and Antoine Béchamp and Louis Pasteur named this quantitative difference as dissymmetry. Since that time, the era of studying

natural dissymmetry and the source of its origin has begun.

What could be the cause of dissymmetry in a substance - such an

inequality of left-handed and right-handed forms of molecules?

Antoine Bechamp, Louis Pasteur, Pierre Curie and Vladimir Vernadskiy suggested that the dissymmetry arises due to the existence of a similar phenomenon in the external environment. Besides these classics, other several scientists brouht up this topic. But only very few modern scientists are interested in this fundamental problem of the universe,

because it “smells” of mysticism upon its close examination...

Dissymmetry characterizes movement and change, and symmetry characterizes calmness and preservation. Currently professor Mikhail V. Kutushov discovered

that cancerous cells have a complete symmetry!

There is more room for modification and the emergence of new phenomena in a less symmetrical environment.There are elements of symmetry and dissymmetry in living substances, where symmetry ensures the constancy of a substance, and dissymmetry ensures its variability. Due to dissymmetry, the substance changes, makes a progress, moves about adapting to the environment.

According to Pierre Curie‘s principle, the environment creates the external structure of the body, its dissymmetry, which is in turn the basis for the development of the internal organization, which also has some independence in relation to the external system. For example, proteins show some resistance to the cytoplasm of a cell, thereby ensuring the constancy of the living organism.

The phenomena of symmetry and dissymmetry exist simultaneously

in the same objects, in the same details.

Symmetry preserves the shades of the past, on the contrary, dissymmetry characterizes the mobility of events, the time evolution. The wide spread property of dissymmetry of natural organic compounds plays a well-known role in the plant and animal world. Dissymmetry of organisms means that the inequality of the right-handed and left-handed parts provided that an axis of simple symmetry exists. In insentient substance, only water (inborn dissymetry) and nanocrystals with the fifth axis of symmetry have a physeal disymmetry.

Dissymmetry of asymmetrical objects is also possible; in this case, asymmetrical formations turn into less asymmetrical formations.

“Dissymmetry represents a directed eurhythmy and is not a simple amount of deviations from symmetry, but a universal form of Genesis, combining all forms of symmetry and asymmetry, which are considered as its limiting cases” (A.V. Makedonov, 2000).

The only difference between living matter and non-living one is that the living matter possesses the fifth axial of symmetry or dissymmetry. Dissymmetry of water and living organisms means the possibility of existence: right without left and left without right.

Image 2. Dissymmetry from the level of hands (organism) to molecular (amino acids) level.

Dissymmetry begins on the level of electron spins and ends (?) with mega cosmos. Living organisms, being on a scale like an electron and galaxies, absorbed all basic characteristics of reality, where dissymmetry plays a leading role. Judging the results of the research of this phenomenon, the space surrounding us has the same properties. It could be said that dissymmetry is the basic characteristic of environment… Consequently life is a spatial phenomenon presented on the Earth in the form of organic forms. Living organism on its outer edge has such form which allows having the lowest value of the surface energy. Internal structures always retain dissymmetry. 

Hilarization of molecules allowed to decrease for a few orders the information and energetic burden to the evolution of the Living matter (aut.).

Another basic property of living matter is anisotropy, which is closely related with dissymmetry.

Image 3. Anisotropy of a crystal

However anisotropy is typical for non-living matters too. Anisotropy (unequal directions) is the ability of solid bodies to change their properties depending on the direction. For example, the most commonly known example of optical anisotropy is the refraction of light in a crystal. In amorphous objects (such as glass) a ray of light is either dispersed or passes unbroken. That is the so-called isotropy (identical directions). Professor Mikhail V. Kutushov has experimentally discovered on liquid medium of an organism that a young and healthy body is highly anisotropic and has high coefficient of dissymmetry. Anisotropy was determined basing on refraction angle of plasma, filtrates from tissue, urine etc. Dissymmetry coefficient is estimated according to the ratio of angles under which the polarizer is turned to the right and to the left. Till nowadays the only “tool” for fixing the phenomenon of dissymmetry is the living organism – its hydro-protein complex (HPC).

Human body consists for 80 % from water and for other 16 % from proteins. In this HPC standing autowaves (solitons) are moving from the periphery to the centre. In such process the principle of non-linear crystallography is realized. Phase transfers accompanying the process are leading to formation of energy-saturated structures in form of a fractals and allotropic water form of water and proteins at the transition attitude. According to Tibetan sources it is the real life power.

Image 4. Autowaves (solitons) in HPC in the process of polymer (protein) condensation on adhesive surface.

Solitons are the driving machines of many processes in HPC: mitosis, speed and quality of biochemical reactions, supporting the redox-potential, potassium-sodium “pump”, pH environment etc. Depending on the ration of proteins and water the solitons are either full-bodied and functional, or not full-bodied and not functional by their nature.

After the transferring from suspension into a gel form (sol), at the moment of emergence of allotropic “layer” immediately happens the emergence of “domain cells”,

which are the ancestors of living cells.

Image 5. “Domain cells” arising in the water system: protein during dehydration on adhesive surface (glass).

These structural, fractal-crystalline structures are basically the predecessors of prebiological form of life. They possess high dissymmetry and anisotropy! These dynamic structures for 100% repeat the mitosis of living cells… Rotation side of “nucleus” of these cells during the separation of “mother” and “daughter” cells are opposite during “mitosis”. This fact indicates that the dissymmetry of water molecules plays a principal role in this process.

All functional proteins (L-proteins) have left double negative refraction, and D-glucose and DNA have right double positive refraction. Water also indicates anisotropic and obtains right-left rotation and refraction! Due to the fact that everything in the world is ruled by the “golden ratio”, in healthy organism the ratio of right and left polarized molecules should be equal to 1.67… To be exactly, the number of right-polarized and left-polarized molecules must be in this ratio. As well such ratio provides high anisotropy. This is advisably from the point of view of energy. That means that water is in fact energetically saturated already due to its geometric structure and is thus also the most sensitive element towards the space, i.e. towards dissymmetry. Here is an uncontroversial conclusion. Water with microelement (oscillators) in the organism is one of the main regulators during the process of sorting right and left molecules, including proteins and DNA. This means, that health and duration of life depends on the quality of water. It is clear that drinking water with already assigned “golden ratio” will serve as prevention and treatment for many diseases. The term (DISS) from the word dissymmetry was proposed by professor Mikhail V. Kutushov as a unit of dissymmetry coefficient (DC). It has been experimentally discovered that tap water, bottled water etc. are symmetrical, i.e. “dead” from spatial point of view. The highest coefficient of dissymmetry from natural sources is in spring water and relict water from the Iceland icebergs. Its dissymmetry coefficient may reach up to 8-16 DISS. The highest DC was obtained from water exposed on two polarizes-transformers within a period of 30 minutes and totalled 144 DISS. Water with DC equal to 36 DISS has the most distinct physiological effect and the best organoleptic properties.

Only living organism on the Earth have a fifth axial of symmetry (pentagon).

Water is the most uncommon chemical element in the world and almost the only chemical element with fifth axial of symmetry. Only due to this geometry it is going through frustration processes (perturbation). Simply by changing of bond angles between the atoms of oxygen and hydrogen water can stay in four states: ice, steam, liquid and allotropic conditions (aut.). The last state is already relevant (only?) to live matter.

Organic life on the Earth emerged from self-consistent process during dehydration (removal, evaporation) of the system: water – amino acids. Dissymmetrical water and left-polarized amino acids on adhesive surface (glass, silicon, volcanic rock etc.) during evaporation under the influence of geomagnetic field oscillation (7-8 Hz) enter the resonance and create “domain cells”. From them, in the process of storing hyper and epitaxial layers of proteins and water, “distinguished” energy-saturated and self-consistent molecules, clusters, clathrates

and domains which were used as a matrix of protolife.

It is well known that human body on average consists for 70-80 % up from water and other 16-19 % from protein – hydro-protein complex (HPC). All functional proteins actually are left-polarized, these are so called L-proteins. D-proteins are very few and they are “structural” proteins. This hydro-protein complex is related to genetics, biochemistry and has its universal characteristics. It is an autowave (soliton) process, anisotropy and dissymmetry. This mechanism is important also in the modern context. There are 2.5 molecules of water and their right-polarized compounds and 60-90 left polarized ones in organism of a young and healthy individual, which obviously indicate dissymmetry. This fact has a fundamental impact on vital activity, health and duration of life.

Main part of the water contained in a body is bound water, which is concentrated inside cells (about 70 %), and the rest (30 %) is extracellular water. Only 7% of this extracellular water compose blood and blood lymph (filtrate) and the rest of this water washes the cells in the body. That is inter-tissue or free water in the body. Structure of water in living organism has its particularities, which radically different from water outside it.

A number of human body organs contain quite a large quantity of water. These are the brain, reproductive cells, skin, liver etc. Human embryo is composed of 97 % of water, new-born total weight for 77 % is composed of water, but with age the quantity of water constantly decreases. Tibetan medicine claims the direct correlation links between human cognitive

capacity with quantity of water and shape of the skull.

Water contained in human brain is represented by bound water with specific structure. If even a small quantity of foreign substance, for example,  alcohol, nicotine, drugs, toxic other harmful elements, aphrodisiacs, including doping, gets into this water, a human body is quickly affected by water balance disruption. Dehydration up to 6-8 % of body weight causes serious conditions similar to unconsciousness. Even the heart crashing may occur if water loss reaches 10-12 %. Organism is an open, non-linear system, in which all processes are determined (structured) and separated in time and space. Main directors (administrators) of these processes are anisotropy and dissymmetry (author prof. Mikhail V. Kutushov). 

Dissymmetry of water is the ratio of left-polarized and right-polarized molecules, clusters, clathrates and water domains. Level of dissymmetry is measured by a device called dissymmetrometer. New-borns contain of 85-90 % of water, which possess dissymmetry equal to 144 DISS and higher. DISS is a unit of dissymmetry. However, during the course of life a individual “loses” not only water, but also its dissymmetry. To a great age an individual retains only 60-50% of water. At the same time organism becomes more symmetrical and isotropic. Human health and longevity depend on sustentation of invariable water homeostasis (water quantity) level. In order to maintain a normal ratio of various types of water in human organism, one should consume high quality drinking water, which by its structural and biophysical characteristics corresponds to the intracellular water. Nowadays such drinking water is getting less and less in nature. This means that human life requires not just potable water: - clean, purified or alpine, but potable water with a certain structural composition and high dissymmetry, which possess natural bio-energy as well as, co called “living water”, is required. There are three types of water in a body: free, fractal and crystalline one, but at the same time, each of them has different dissymmetry coefficient. Only such dissymmetrical drinking water consumed on a regular basis is able to maintain the stable ratio of fractal and crystalline water towards free water.

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