It dissymmetrize drinking water, thereby improving it and will give to your body the energy with a healing effects!

Unique Applicator DISSA

Unique Applicator DISSA dissymmetrize drinking water, thereby improving it 

and will give to your body the energy with a healing effects!


According to the World Health Organization (WHO) data human health for 80% defined by the quality of drinking water!

Most people consume water passed through treatment plants and water pipes, bottled water. These types of water are not “alive”. Due to this fact, cancerous, allergic, autoimmune and psychological diseases rates are increasing nationwide, noticed the decrease of healthy index.


Our health, duration and quality of life depend on characteristics of drinking water.


Pure natural “alive” water possesses inborn dissymmetry*. Professor Kutushov M.V. for the first time in the world estimated the dissymmetry of living organism and water. Therefore dissymmetry coefficient received the unit of measurement called DISS.

For many years on the subject of water dissymmetry coefficient have been studied

a lot of water samples from all over the world.

It was determined, that spring water and water from Icelandic glaciers possess

the highest dissymmetry, which totals from 8 to 16 DISS.

In all living organisms intracellular and intercellular water is in the “golden ratio” from 32 to 144 DISS.

Almost all the water in water pipes at any place of the Earth is symmetrical, «dead» water, because its dissymmetry coefficient doesn’t exceed 3 DISS. The human organism at first dissymmetrates all drank water and spends on this process huge amount of energy,

causing the anomaly of healthy processes.

Consumption of already dissymmetric water considerably simplifies biochemical and physiology reactions, is beneficial in rapid recovery and preservation of health.  But even spring water, one from Alpine snow after being closed in container for a week or 2, wastes not only it’s redox

potential and pH, what is more important (!) it’s dissymmetry.

We offer you to make “alive” ordinary drinking water, make it more natural and relict

with help of our DISSA applicator.


* The dissymmetry of water molecules and their clusters is the result of electrostatic and spatial vortexes (whirls) impact made by multifocal dissymetry devices.

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